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Visual Orgasm was founded in 2005 by Joseph. 

Ever since, Visual Orgasm has shattered the boundaries of art, taking the level of artistic expression to unimaginable heights. The core element of Visual Orgasm is its exquisite ability to create custom unique tattoos based on each and every one of its client's individual personality and trait. Joseph, together with his crew are now front runners in this trade of imagination and creativity and are greatly respected as artists who know no constrictions and boundaries; epitomizing the term "freedom of expression".


Our Artists


Mon-Sat 2pm-9pm

Sun 1pm-6pm

Visual orgasm tattoo Studio

Studio Phone: +65 6336 5884


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Map to our Studio

No 2 Haji lane Singapore 189195


Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoos

Q1. Does getting tattoo hurts?

Yes it does. More like a bearable burning sensation and certain areas are more sensitive. All our artists will be tattooing you as gentle as we could so just have a good rest, meal and hydrate yourself before your tattoo session.

Q2. How safe to get a tattoo done? 

Yes it's definitely safe as we use single usage needles, disposable inks and caps.  All tattoo equipments are carefully sterilised using an autoclave. Tattoo care procedures will be advised to you when you get it done.

Q3. How to go about getting a tattoo appointment?

First, you have to have an idea of what you want. You can either drop by the studio or text us at our respective contact or email about your idea (with or without references) and we will give our very best professional advise on your customised piece base on your idea and size you intend to get. 

Q4. How much does a tattoo cost? 

We can't determine how much a tattoo will cost as it depends on the intricacy, size and time taken to do our best for your tattoo. As tattoo is a lifetime commitment, we assure you of our effort put into each and every client's preferences and design. And different artists have different price and value to our work so it's best to have an no obligation consultation with your choice of artist. Our min price of tattoo starts from SGD150. 

Q5. How long do I have to wait before getting an appointment? 

As our artists are fully committed to giving our clients the best we could, we will try to accommodate our clients timing and time needed to do your tattoo. This might varies according to our schedule so best to discuss and finalise with your preferred artist about their availabilities on a booking.