I was always daydreaming as a kid, prefering to retreat into my imagination than reality most of the time, they told me I had ADHD, but I didn’t really think I had much of a problem at all and I very much enjoyed exploring my imagination. Music and art had always been an instinctual way to express myself, I continued to do that during most of my childhood and finally decided to pursue an education in graphic design because I thought it to be the middle ground between art and business.

I quickly got jaded with it but managed to complete my BA anyways, after spening several unhappy years jumping around the creative fields of illustration, advertising and graphic design, I was never satisfied. Everything felt bearable, but I definitely did not enjoy it.

Tattoos were always very attractive to me, I recalled telling my parents I wanted to be covered in tattoos when i grew up, like all traditional christian parents, they did not react very well to it.

As much as I did dream of being a tattoo artist I was always too afraid of the responsibilities it brought to the table. I could easily tweak my digital illustrations for hours but that can’t be done on skin, it frightened me for the longest time.

I had an epiphany during my office job, that I should really be pursuing what i love despite of all my fears and what others thought. The opportunity came one day though a friend to apprentice under Joseph in Visual Orgasm, I quit my job the very next week.

It’s still far too early to say for sure but I hope this is something that I will stick to for life. The aesthetic and culture behind tattooing just seems to fit so well with all my combined interests, and directly seeing the effect of putting a smile to a strangers faces after giving them a tattoo really makes it for me.

I’m Brenna and this is the beginning of my journey.


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