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I’m Boon

Tattooing was never a thing to me when i was growing up. Nobody around me had tattoos . I never thought I‘ll be doing this till I watched the MTV’s version of ‘Romeo & Juliet’. That scene where father Laurence played by Peter Postlethwaite had this ‘huge’ Celtic cross on his back, I was like ‘that’s cool’. This is how my story goes ...

Comics, manga, cartoon and Japanese anime were always a part of my life, so I started sketching doodling when the teachers were teaching (I was never a model student). I failed my 3rd year in secondary school, had to redo the damn year but in hindsight it kind of was a blessing in disguise and they kicked me out of the accounts class and I was placed into the arts class without telling me.

I got my lazy ass into NAFA after that which was also about the time I started apprenticeship under Richard Tat from Johnny two thumbs. Got my first tattoo from him and since never looked back. Eventually when I could tattoo, I venture out and put myself to test my talent.

Things were rough in the first couple of years to the extent I wanted to quit, I didn’t want to be doing tribal or butterflies forever (what was considered trendy at the time) and I didn’t believe tattoos having to be the usual dragons,tigers or skulls. To me, tattoos were supposed to be fun and an extension of your personality.

After 12 years in the industry, I finally joined Visual Orgasm Tattoo family couple months ago. Group of like minded people who wanna push our limits. Stay tuned!


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